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Welcome, stranger! You’ve arrived at my second third web presence.

It’s only audio is a simple blog about various topics in the world of DIY audio, written from the perspective of an engineer (and not an audiophile).

Audio, especially high-end (eugh, even the word makes me cringe) is full of both dogma and snobbery, enough to make beginners rethink their new found hobby entirely. Which is a shame, because audio is not hard! An old and wise engineer (he even had a beard, so he must be very wise indeed) once told me the following

In Sony, newly recruited engineers would start their career in the video department, gradually passing onto other divisions. However, those that did not prove themselves worth their salt in the video department were sent to the audio department.

I honestly don’t know if that story was true. It was the same engineer who sent me to the warehouse to ask for a p-type vacuum tube. However, the morale of the story is true. Audio is not hard. From the viewpoint of RF engineers, we meddle around with almost DC. There are no magic tricks and no magic components. Stick to a few basic principles and use some logical thinking and you will come a very long way indeed.

The other reason for calling this website it’s only audio is that it is really only audio. As indicated above, I’m probably too dumb for any other disciplin. But at the same time I do love audio and that is what makes me good at it, or at least better then at other things.

So here we are. Too dumb for video, but at least we’re in it together. Let’s have some fun!

About the author

I am a recovering audiophile. The bug bit me almost two decades ago, and spiraled quite badly out of control. At the time I was studying electrical engineering and having access to my university’s basements full of vacuum tubes was not helping either. I ended up spending the better part of the first decade building loudspeakers, DACs, amplifiers and turntables, writing  websites and even running a part time audiophile modification and DIY shop.

Funnily enough that actually brought me back from the brink, being able to buy the right measurement equipment and doing lots of learning through listening and measuring yielded the much needed insight that it’s not about the golden plugs and silver wires, but about choosing the right concept and thinking before doing.

The last decade I have spent in the employment of others in the electronic industry, working for audio and automotive companies. Needless to say I sometimes get very biased towards ICs and systems that I helped design or know intimately. That does however not mean that what I write here represents those companies’ views. It just means you can not trust me to be truly impartial 🙂 As always, check not only the opinion, but the writer’s motive as well.

If you want to use my experience or services, I will gladly consider that, so feel free to get in touch.





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  1. Doekle

    hi Dude! nice that you are again in the air. So still in audio? Old habits dont easily fade dont they :). greetings.


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