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Just a quick mention about recent outage. It appears the site was taken over by a spotty teenager in his basement running CMS brute force scripts…

If that was you: hey contact me, I’ll send you some breadboards, tubes, transistors and an old oscilloscope. Go teach yourself electronics, one day you may find you have a nice job. I might even be the one to give it to you 🙂

Much to my chagrin, I can now add PHP to my skill set. I could have lived a long happy life not knowing a thing about PHP and just program in solder instead. If you do spot broken links or things not working, contact me.

Some recent comments (which were actually really nice and constructive) were unfortunately lost. Obviously I’ve tightened security and will make backups more frequently, but couldn’t avoid this. I have been really positively surprised about the level and the tone of comments on – such an enormous contrast to back in the day! Please keep commenting!

One page I was in the process of writing was also lost, I’ll have to write it again, until then I’ll just leave you with a nice visual preview.

More soon…

ESStech gets it. Well, almost.

Recently the ESS Technologies products caught my attention (keep an eye out for some measurements shortly).

Just today I stumbled upon a presentation called ‘Digital vs. Analog Volume Controls‘ which is interesting in light of my opinion written some months ago, ‘The Case for Digital Volume Control‘.

Although probably written with a strong marketing purpose, a number of observations make me think there are some gaps in mixed-signal architecture thinking that deserve attention. Continue reading

Hello -again- world!

Oh God no, I’ve done it again…

It’s been roughly 10 years since abandoning my old site for some very good reasons:

It was a pig to maintain and I kept finding errors the more I read it back. Its content was quoted completely out of context and I was attacked over reactions to things I never said or meant. I was threatened when information I gave out for free wasn’t deemed up to people’s expectations or didn’t appear fast enough to their tastes. Novices wrote telling me they intended to build something way out of their capabilities and upon warning them they were putting their lives in danger I was ignored or insulted. I got phone calls at the oddest of hours treating me as a free help desk. The list goes on…

So why on earth am I sticking my foot in this blender again??? I honestly am not sure.

Maybe I love the sound of my own voice. Maybe I need to write stuff down to properly understand it myself. Maybe I just can’t stand some of the misinformation out there. Maybe I’m just a masochist or stark raving mad. Probably it’s just bigger than me and I am too passionate about audio to keep it all to myself.

Whatever. I’m back baby and things are going to be different this time. Feedback will be welcome but any of the above is taboo. If it is not written here and by me than it is NOT my opinion nor responsibility.

It took some pondering but eventually I did decide to make the old content available again – without any modifications, just for historical reference.

Let’s see where this ride takes us and enjoy it!