New Vid: quietening down a NAS server

Yes, I’m a youtube influencer now. Send me your free swag 🙂

Clearly writing blog posts was not my strength, and not for lack of stuff I have to say… just sitting down and condensing it into a post is a bit 2000. And most audiences want to consume video rather than text.

So, just as a trial run, I took a marginally audio related topic and just filmed my project over the course of a few days, then broke my brain for 2 months on editing the video but finally managed.

Odysee / LBRY


Maybe next time I’ll use that full frame DSLR and Sennheiser lapel mic rather than the $100 gopro clone (what was I thinking?). But the quality over quantity discussion is not relevant since I haven’t posted much of either, so you’ll take it and be grateful, damnit!

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