Audio Precision System Two

As I mentioned in the ultranalyzer post I have been searching for ages for an AP System One, but hesitant to shell out big money for such an old, unsupported machine.

So what was I to do when a System Two came along…?

Well, this 🙂


Yes, I found it at the right time (<1 hour from listing), made the right offer, and it got accepted.

My reasons were simple.

  • the ultranalyzer is definitely good enough for most of what I want to measure, but would need significant software development. Knowing my time scales and commitment, that wasn’t going to be my top priority. But I do want to start developing audio stuff so I need something now.
  • Although many moan about the software interface of APwin, I practically grew up with it (on the 2722). And I’m sufficiently brain-warped that I can not only work with it, but even like it.
  • With an AP, you don’t need to calibrate your measurements every time you set something up. It comes factory calibrated.
  • No one questions anything you produce with an AP.
  • Although not cheap, this thing will definitely keep its value for a while.
  • If I want to test a series run of a product, the automation features (using APbasic) are invaluable.
  • Lust. It’s an AP System Two, for goodness sake! 🙂

Some more pr0n…

Configuration stickers

A very nice surprise: although I knew the IMD option was present (VERY useful!) I did not know they had crammed no less than 7 filters in there. AWT and LP_20K are brilliant, the others are nice bonuses.

Calibration in 2010

Second surprise: this machine was last calibrated in 2010, which is relatively recently! There should be a good chance that it is still within specification.

Time to run the self test!

All tests passed with flying colours!


Well it seems I hit the jackpot. This machine is kitted out as well as you could hope for and is in pristine state.

On the downside, I now have successfully eliminated every possible obstacle towards audio development. Now, it’s time to put this thing to use.

Don’t you just love the clicking sounds of the autoranger? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Audio Precision System Two

  1. Paul Kuan

    I have just got an AP2322 machine. When I run APWIN (ver 2.24), I got an error saying :
    Error (8070) : DSP Host vector not available

    What is this error about? Any way to recover this?


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